Enhance Customer Experience

Offer “in the moment” and memorable customer experiences while engaging with your passengers at every touchpoint.

As a data-driven, customer centric platform, our lounge solutions have proven to be a critical data source for improving the overall passenger experience by capturing and consolidating valuable insights throughout the passengers’ journey.

The importance of understanding a passengers’ tendencies, behaviours, interests, preferences, travel experiences and most importantly, their overall sentiment towards a brand is a priority. Developing the brand message will now be easy for your airline.

Being able to leverage trend analysis will put you one step ahead in of competition. Raising the quality of information enables rapid management decisions. Having a tool that can extract reliable data will improve resourcing, supply chain and procurement decisions. It can even inspire new ways of extracting increased value from your investment.

Did You Know?

Falsification and theft of boarding passes left in the cabin to access first class perks are common. There is even an app that generates counterfeit bar codes to bypass the automated scanner at the entry of a lounge.

The intelligent fraud detection system developed by IEG Inc. includes a secure card recognition component that quickly validates every access against a secure database. Where appropriate, the system can also give notice to agents alerting them to an individual's status (particularly useful when facing difficult guests).


  • Automated Passenger Guest Recognition
  • Touch Screen Mobile Friendly
  • IATA SIS Compliant


  • Extremely rapid identification of customers and guests
  • Easily configurable from a central location
  • Eliminates all manual entry and reporting
  • Eliminates passenger entry errors & fraudulent entry
  • Cost reduction & manpower savings
  • Traffic & PAX analysis
  • Leverage passengers feedback for contant improvements
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction Scores
Personalize Loyalty Programs

Leverage real-time verification and alerts throughout your customers journey resulting in uniquely personalized experiences.

Generate Ancillary Revenue

Create new revenue streams with in lounge services without compromising the overall customer experience.

Identify New Business Opportunities

Optimize your marketing strategy and improve your overall customer experience by capturing and cosolidating key data insights.