Generate Ancillary Revenue

Create new revenue streams with in lounge services without compromising the overall customer experience.

Having a fully-equipped lounge as a complementary service for your airline could be a potential determining travel choice for a consumer. Your customers seek perks from fast track service, spa facilities, jump the queue as a status recognition, among many others.

Airports, airlines and lounges are under increasing pressure to find new ways to deliver revenue growth without compromising the overall passenger experience—with Ancillary Lounge Services, you can begin to offer new services, either complimentary or fee-based, to drive non-ticket revenue sources.


  • Integrated Point Of Sale (POS)
  • Desktop & Mobile Friendly
  • Non-Ticket Source Revenue Transactions
  • In-Lounge & In-Flight
  • Reservation Management for In-Lounge Services

Revenue Services Options Such As:

Walk Ups
106all Paid Guests
In-Lounge Consumables
Shower Services
Productive Spaces
Business Services
15 -Lotus Flower- (Outline) Created with Sketch. Spa Services
12 Car Services
Enhance Customer Experience

Offer “in the moment” and memorable customer experiences while engaging with your passengers at every touchpoint.

Personalize Loyalty Programs

Leverage real-time verification and alerts throughout your customers journey resulting in uniquely personalized experiences.

Identify New Business Opportunities

Optimize your marketing strategy and improve your overall customer experience by capturing and cosolidating key data insights.