Identify Business Opportunities

Optimize your marketing strategy and improve your overall customer experience by capturing and cosolidating key data insights.

Steamline Billing

IEG Inc.’s business intelligence software is made to consolidate and analyze data to provide your airline with a network wide overview of forecasts, trends, insights and more.

Our clients can be notified of forecasted passenger traffic and forecasted of consumption in a period of time for your staff and crew to adjust accordingly and provide the best possible lounge experience for expected passengers and VIPs.

Key information such as passenger destination/origin, returning visits/network revisits and passenger dwell time can be identified to evolve and adapt services provided by your network of lounges.

“Automatic Corrective Analytics” are continuously working to determine irregularities and maximize billing capabilities based on network specific rules while being IATA SIS Billing Compliant.

Intelligent Inventory Management

Our inventory management Bacchus TM is seamlessly integrated within our entire Loyalty and Lounge Suite. With Bacchus TM, you’ll be able to accurately manage inventory levels, suppliers, items/brands and lounge management partners.

You will be able to eliminate the back-office manual processing of invoices and reconciliation. Because every access point and usage period are tracked in a secure, centralized database, invoices are backed with detailed, auditable reports.

Standard features include:

  • order fulfilment
  • order tracking
  • auto-replenishment prompts
  • deliveries
  • consumption rates globally or by individual lounge location
Enhance Customer Experience

Offer “in the moment” and memorable customer experiences while engaging with your passengers at every touchpoint.

Personalize Loyalty Programs

Leverage real-time verification and alerts throughout your customers journey resulting in uniquely personalized experiences.

Generate Ancillary Revenue

Create new revenue streams with in lounge services without compromising the overall customer experience.